About us

About us

We’re Nigel and Louise, two local newspaper journalists who dropped everything for a few months to seek fun and adventure with our young son.

Our family gap year (or gap half-year to be more precise) took in beautiful spots in our homeland in the UK as brand ambassadors for Real Family Holidays, the west coast of the USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

The trip was partly prompted by a longing to visit a close friend who emigrated to Australia, partly because each of us travelled a little separately when we were younger and loved the experience and partly by a sense of ‘why not?’

We were extremely fortunate as our wider family was incredibly supportive of our madness. Our son was immediately, entirely and hugely excited by the whole thing and his grown-up sister met up with us for part of the adventure.

We’ve always taken every opportunity to enjoy days out, weekends away and holidays – always done on a budget. Whilst this trip required an awful lot more saving than any before and definitely fit into the once-in-a-lifetime category for us, it also relied upon budget accommodation (including a tent!), self-catering and seeking out and making the most of free delights. There’s few restaurants that can offer some of the views we’ve enjoyed whilst eating a picnic out of a plastic tub!

We’re all about fun, budget, family adventure. If you are too, do get in touch.

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